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Full Guide on Joining the Department of Correctional Services as a Correctional Officer | EPRECUS

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The Department of Correctional Services (DCS)

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) in Jamaica is a department under the Ministry of National Security. As of April 11th, 2019, retired Lieutenant Colonel Gary Rowe is the Commissioner of Corrections, Mr Rowe’s role is to facilitates the correctional programmes on behalf of the Government of Jamaica and reports to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security.

Before Jamaica became independent, the Prisons, the Probation Services, and the Approved Schools functioned separately. This led to an inefficient system with inconsistencies and duplication. The three bodies were then joined to form the DCS in 1975 as an agency of the Ministry of National Security. The merger created new directions and opportunities for the DCS to provide rehabilitation and care.

The mission of the DCS is to “contribute to the safety and protection of our society by keeping offenders secure and facilitating their rehabilitation and reintegration as law-abiding citizens while developing a professional and committed staff”.

The DCS is informed by a correctional process, which provides a relevant, structured, therapeutic environment to facilitate the empowerment and rehabilitation of those being cared for by the state.

The three major arms of the Department of Correctional Services are Rehabilitation, Custodial Services (Adults and Juveniles), Human Resource Management and Community Service. The department is governed by The Corrections Act.pdf

Custodial Services (Adults and Juveniles)

The Custodial Services of the Department has responsibility for the management and administration of seven (7) adult and four (4) juvenile institutions.

Adult Institutions

  1. Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre [for males] (TSACC) – Reception Institution
  2. St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre [for males] (ST.CACC) – Reception Institution
  3. Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre [for females] (FAACC) – Reception Institution
  4. Tamarind Farm Correctional Centre [for males] (TFACC)
  5. Richmond Farm Correctional Centre [for males] (RFACC)
  6. New Broughton Sunset Adult Correctional Centre [senior males] (NBSACC)
  7. Horizon Adult Remand Centre [for males and females] (HARC)

Juvenile Services

Receive wards from the Juvenile and Family Courts. These might be 12 years old and are not kept in the institution beyond 18 years old. The school aims at providing the wards with a rounded development and re-fitting them into society. There are four Juvenile Correctional Centres and one Juvenile Remand Centre:

  1. Hill Top Juvenile Correctional Centre(Boys)
  2. Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre
  3. Rio Cobre Juvenile Correctional Centre(Boys)
  4. South Camp Juvenile Remand & Correctional Centre

Roles of a Correctional Officer

Correctional Officers are trained to do the following:

  1. Maintain Security in the Correctional Centres.
  2. Assist in the Treatment and Rehabilitation process of inmates.
  3. Work in both adult and Juvenile Correctional Institutions.
  4. Have overall responsibility of the Correctional Institutions.

Joining the Department of Correctional Services as a Correctional Officer


  • Correctional Officer
  • Corporal
  • Staff Officer
  • Overseer
  • Assistant
  • Superintendent

Round 1: Basic Requirement to present at the recruiting center:

  • Bring Original certificates of academic achievements (along with copies)
  • Bring Original Birth Certificate (along with a copy)
  • Four (4) recent passport-size photographs (taken no later than six (6) months, and should be certified by a JP)
  • Proof of full immunization
  • Two (2) written character references/recommendations from a J.P./ Minister of Religion/ School Principal/ a Police Officer of the Gazetted Rank (Superintendent)
  • Four (4) CSEC/GCE O` Level, SSC (ranges 4 & 5) subjects including English Language
  • Be mentally prepared to sit entrance examinations consisting of Mathematics, English and general knowledge.
  • Should be between the ages of 18 – 35 years
  • Males – 140lbs – 160lbs; the minimum height of 5 feet 7 inches
  • Females – 125 lbs – 140 lbs; the minimum height of 5 feet 5 inches
  • Mentally & physically fit
  • Must be prepared to work Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays
  • Must be prepared to work on shift
  • There are no exceptions to the requirements listed above!

Round 2: Screening:

  • Polygraph testing
  • Medical
  • Be prepared to give blood to the Blood Bank
  • Physical (Will be required to run around a typical football field, perform push-ups)
  • Panel Interviews (be prepared to explain why you want to join the DCS)
  • Blood testing & fingerprinting


  • Stipend paid during training – $10,000.00 (fortnightly)
  • Upon completion of training:
  • Basic Salary – $741,940.00per annum
  • Housing Allowance $303,366.00 per annum

Day 1: Recruitment Day

  • Expect a huge turnout. See them as your competition because usually only 5% of the turnout will pas round one. Do your best on the entry exam because this is a core selection criteria
  • The recruitment process usually begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp daily.
  • Dress code: Male Applicants – Shirt & Tie
  • Dress code: Female Applicants – Office Attire (No Jeans & Sneakers)
  • N.B.: Persons who have already submitted written applications for employment as Correctional Officers are still required to attend the Recruiting Centre(s) on the specified date(s).


Training of Correctional officers is done exclusive onsite 24/7 for 6 Weeks at the Carl Rattray Staff College. The college is named after the late Honourable Mr. Justice Carl Rattray, OJ, QC – then Minister of Justice – proposed the purchase of the Golf Beach Hotel property in Runaway Bay, St. Ann in 1978 and the vision for a world-class training school began.

The property was acquired and fittingly renamed the Carl Rattray Staff College for Human Resource Development in his honor. The vision for the college is to partner with the community by providing continuing education in areas that will enhance both personal and community development. The college is, therefore, poised to achieve this and to carry out its role in working toward Vision 2030.

Training Administrators

The current Principal of the college as of 2019 is Ms. Christall Byfield supported by Superintendent Leslie Campbell; Overseer, Noel Beckford; Overseer, Selvin Jones and Superintendent Albert D. Brown. This is complemented by 15 to 30 support staff.

Previous Intake Summary 2019

  • Intake 77 / Batch No. 2019-01
  • 144 Correctional Officers (125 males and 19 females)
  • 23 Probation Aftercare Officers (19 females and four males)

Specialized Training Include:

  • Paramedical Services
  • Prison Management
  • Skill at Arms
  • Social work
  • Physical Training (Be prepared to jog at least 1 mile every morning)
  • Personal development & Attire (Be prepared to clean your own quarters using military standards)

Features of the college

The Carl Rattray Staff College which is nestled in the foothills of Cardiff Hall features the following

  • 70-room dormitories
  • Wash Areas
  • Armory and Ammunition Bunker
  • Swimming Pool
  • Close Proximity to a popular beach
  • Lecture theatre
  • Kitchen with dining hall (Be prepared to give a helping hand)
  • Large Asphalt pavement to conduct Drilling

Union Representation

  1. University and Allied Workers Union (UAWU)
  2. Jamaica Federation of Correctional Officers. Chairman is Arlington Turner

Central Administration

Senior Executives:

  • Lt. Col. (Retired) Gary Rowe, Commissioner of Corrections
  • Mrs. Althea Davis, Senior Director, HRM & Administration (Acting)
  • Ms. Joyce Stone, Deputy Commissioner (Custodial Services)

Senior Managers:

  • Mr. Dexter Thompson, Director of Corporate Communication and Public Relations
  • Ms. Janet Davey, Director of Probation After-care Services
  • Ms. Claudeth Hamilton, Director of Juvenile Services
  • Mrs. Natalie Campbell Bennett, Director of Human Resource Management
  • Mr. Ian Henry, Director of Corporate Planning and Research
  • Ms. Fiona Wilson, Director of Rehabilitation (Acting)
  • Mr. Alvin Gayle, Director of Security
  • Mr. Kevin McIndoe, Director, Organizational Development/Performance Management
  • Ms. Charmaine Gray, Director, HRD/Training
  • Dr. Donna-Michelle Royer-Powe, Director of Medical Services
  • Mr. Norris Gilbert, Senior Director, Finance & Accounts
  • Ms. Michelle Williams, Technical Assistant
  • Rev. Ellen Thomas, Chaplain
  • Mrs. Sandra Neil, Inspectorate
  • Mrs. Kerry-Ann Giddarie-Fyffe, Systems Administrator
  • Mr. Mahlon Scott, Property Manager
  • Mr. Donovan Martin, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Mrs. Karan Brown, Manager, Office Services
  • Ms. Nadria Brown, Director, Employee Relations, Occupational Health & Safety
  • Ms. Christall Byfield, Director, Staff College
  • Mrs. Janet Bell-Ferrigon, Operation Unit

Contact Information

The Head Office is located at: Our Transport Centre: Staff College:
5-7 King Street, Kingston, Jamaica W.I. Tel: 1(876) 922-0021-2 / 967-2781-3 Email: [email protected] Transport Centre 5 Tower Street, Kingston Tel: 1(876) 938-3916 Carl Rattray Staff College Runaway Bay PO, St. Ann Tel: 1(876) 973-6517
Community Services (Probation Offices)
Region 1
Corporate Area Offices(Community & Institution) 12-14 Lockett Avenue, Kingston 4 Tel: 1(876) 948-3779 / 967-4229 Kingston & St. Andrew Family Court 122 East Street, Kingston Tel: 1(876) 922-1628 / 948-7705 St. Thomas Probation Office 50 Queen Street, Morant Bay Tel: 1(876) 982-2238 / 734-4435
Spanish Town Probation Office 37 Burke Road, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Tel: 1(876) 648-7580 Portmore Probation Office Lot # 2, Shop 1,2 & 3 Twyn Citi Plaza, Port Henderson Road Tel: 1(876) 988-5441
Region 2
Portland Probation Office 40 West Street, Port Antonio Tel: 1(876) 993-4373 / 993-2147 St. Ann Probation Office 41 Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann Tel: 1(876) 972-1560 St. Mary Probation Office 51 Warner Street, Port Maria, St. Mary Tel: 1(876) 725-0153
Region 3
May Pen Probation Office 3A Chapelton Road, May Pen, Clarendon Tel: 1(876) 902-1067 /986-2334 Manchester Probation Office 5 1/2 Caledonia Road, Annex Plaza, Manchester Tel: 1(876) 625-8710 / 625-8177 St. Elizabeth Probation Office 28 B&C Manifest Court, Santa Cruz Tel: 1(876) 966-2286
Region 4
Hanover Probation Office Shop 1&2 Pag Plaza, Police Head Quarters Road Haughton Court, Lucea P.O., Hanover Tel: 1(876) 956-2459 St. James Probation Office Barnett Street, Montego Bay, St. James Tel: 1(876) 952-9120 Montego Bay Family Court 8 Kerr Crescent, P.O. Box 353, Montego Bay, St. James Tel: 1(876) 940-3601 / 979-1994
Westmoreland Probation Office Shop # 26 & 27, Dunbars Mall, Dunbars River, Savanna-La-Mar P.O., Westmoreland Tel: 1(876) 955-2347 / 955-3826 Trelawny Probation Office 3 Trelawny Street, Falmouth, Trelawny Tel: 1(876) 954-3997
Adult Correctional Centre and Adult Remand Centre
Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre (aka “G.P.”) 2-4 Tower Street, Kingston Tel: 1(876) 928-1281-3 St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre (aka “D.P.”) 1 White Church Street, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Tel: 1(876) 984-3005 / 984-3963
New Broughton Sunset Rehabilitation Adult Correctional Centre (aka “Old Man’s Prison”), Cross Keys, Manchester Tel: 1(876) 703-7847 / 819-2741 Tamarind Farm Adult Correctional Centre Salt Pond, Spanish Town Tel: 1(876) 984-2244
Horizon Adult Remand Centre 68 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11 Tel: 1(876) 923-8606 / 901-9197 Richmond Farm Adult correctional Centre Richmond Heights, St. Mary Tel: 1(876) 992-0119
Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre South Camp Road, Kingston Tel: 1(876) 906-8978 / Fax: 1(876) 906-8506
Juvenile Correctional Centre and Juvenile Remand Centre
Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre Intersection of Race Course Lane & Metcalfe Street Kingston Tel: 1(876) 948-8714 / 948-8163 Rio Cobre Juvenile Correctional Centre Thompson Pen Road, Spanish Town, St. Catherine Tel: 1(876) 907-1165
Hill Top Juvenile Correctional Centre Hill Top, Bamboo, St. Ann Tel: 1(876) 972-6115 South Camp Juvenile Remand & Correctional Centre South Camp Road, Kingston Tel: 1(876) 906-2833

SUGGESTED: 2019 Guide on becoming a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)