Youth PEP Awards

The objective of the FHC Foundation is to promote the development of the Jamaican youth in the areas of Education, Sports and Skills Training. Special emphasis will be placed on the improvement of literacy at the Primary and Secondary level.

FHC recognize the achievement of their youth savers, by awarding recipients a scholarship to assist them from 1st form up to 5th form. The objective of the PEP scholarship aims to fulfill their mandate of giving back to their members, to encourage children to strive for excellence in academic performance and to promote a thrifty savings habit amongst young Jamaicans.

Eligibility & Qualification

Applicants must be a Youth Saver at First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Ltd for at least six (6) months. Their savings account must be active and must submit their PEP transcript with a minimum ‘B’ average along with the completed scholarship application form.

Where Tenable: At any High School in Jamaica || Application form HERE

Deadline: July 17, 2020 || Telephone 876.929.5142 || Email: [email protected]

FHC Foundation