Douglas Samuels Memorial Scholarship

The late Douglas Samuels was a Deacon of Mona Baptist Church and Senior Lecturer in Art Education at St. Joseph Teachers’ College. He was a committed Christian who believed in service to God and to humanity. As one of the pioneer members of the Mona Baptist Church, he offered significant leadership and service to the church fellowship and the wider community. As educator, he served as college lecturer, CXC examiner, mentor, and counsellor to many. The hallmark of his ministry was humility and servant leadership. His ministry was also characterized by love for the youth, the elderly and the poor, and respect for all.

The Mona Baptist Church is pleased to invite online applications for the Douglas Samuels Memorial Scholarship for the academic year 2021 – 2022.


The Scholarship, worth $200,000 JMD, is named in honour of the late Douglas Samuels, Senior Lecturer in Art Education at St. Joseph Teachers’ College and Deacon at Mona Baptist Church. It is open to tertiary students GOING INTO THEIR FINAL YEAR, in Education, Guidance and Counselling, the Arts, and Theology.


Due to the constraints of the current pandemic, we have placed all operations of the Scholarship online. Please note the following:

  1. Students are asked to complete and submit application forms online at:
    1. Application Form 2021 or
  2. References are needed – one from their educational institution and one from their church.  The Reference links are:
    1. Reference from Education Institution or
    2. Reference from Church or
  3. Applicants are required to upload a certified copy of their progress report.
  4. Applications close at midnight on June 21, 2021. - Reference (education)

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