Junior Plan ‘Heat-Start’ Scholarship and Bursary

The VM Junior Plan ‘Head-Start’ Scholarship and PEP Bursary are for students who have completed the PEP examination in the year of application and will be starting school that academic year.

The top PEP performing student in each county (3) is selected for the PEP ‘Heat-Start’ Scholarship valued at J$50,000 each, and the top performing students across all parishes will be chosen for a one-time PEP Bursary valued at J$50,000 per student.

All applicants must be an active VMBS Saver, they must complete a Junior Plan ‘HeadStart’ Scholarship and PEP Bursary application form. The applicants must also not be a recipient of any other scholarship in the given year.

Amount awarded: J$50,000 per annum for five (5) years for Junior Plan awards; J$50,000 for one-year PEP Bursaries.

Specialty area of study: Local Secondary Education ||Deadline: June 26, 2020

Number of Awards offered: Three (3) Junior Plan and fourteen (14) PEP Bursaries

Contact: Nicketa West, manager, VM Foundation || Email: [email protected] || Telephone: 876.754.8627

Victoria Mutual Foundation