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Eprecus Asset management with Lost and found.

Some things are simply irreplaceable. So when an honest individual finds and reports a lost item, it can really make your day. That's the reason we set up Eprecus Lost and Found. Add all your valuables asset and their attirbutes and if you loose or misplace them and someone searches for it, you can be alerted of the search and its return. You can't imagine how great it makes us feel to be making so many people so happy, every single day!

  • Add up to 5000 valuables
  • Transfer ownership when they are sold r given away.
  • Receive query alerts
  • Get asset valuation and future depreciation value.

How it’s work?

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Register your valuables with Eprecus Elevate. So you can immedeatly flag it from the moment you lose or misplace it.

Manage, transfer and value

Manage and value your assets with 6 different status and categories.

Query thousands of Lost, Misplaced and Stolen assets