Cabinet Office of Jamaica Chief Policy Analyst

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According to Jamaica's Civil Service Establishment Act, the annual starting salary for a Chief Policy Analyst is $5,597,715.00 JMD per annum and can get as high as $7,528,305.00 JMD depending on qualifications and years of experience. This is effective from Sat Apr 1 2023 to Sun Mar 31 2024.
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Change history
Thu Apr 1 2021 to Thu Mar 31 2022$3,154,073.00$3,749,202.00
Fri Apr 1 2022 to Fri Mar 31 2023$4,947,565.00$6,653,925.00
Sat Apr 1 2023 to Sun Mar 31 2024$5,597,715.00$7,528,305.00
Mon Apr 1 2024 to Mon Mar 31 2025$6,333,301.00$8,517,586.00